The price of a session is 35€ per person. You can decide to combine sessions.

The easiest way is to book your session on our website. You just need to click on the BOOK NOW button on the top menu. If for any reason you cannot book the session online, you can still contact us or even book the session on site during opening hours.

You have the option of paying directly on the site via Bancontact or credit card. Do not hesitate to contact us if these means of payment do not suit you. You also have the option of paying by card on site. PLEASE NOTE, the reservation will only be effective once the full amount has been paid.

This is an active experience so please make sure you wear comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear (ie. no high heels).

The minimum age is between 10 and 13 years old depending on the game and the sensitivity of each. Zombie type games are reserved for people over 13 years old. Our other games can be played from 10 years old.

A maximum of 8 players can play in a session at any one time. For larger groups, we book back-to-back sessions and can provide fun gaming activities whilst you are waiting for your groups session.

If you book a couple of tickets for a session then, just like in the cinema, other people may join you in that game session. If you want to book the entire arena then you will need to book all the available tickets for that session.

Players under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to play. If we decide you are not fit to play in the arena then I’m afraid you will not receive a refund or credit. There is plenty of time for a drink afterwards to boast about your skills!

You will need to be able to walk around, unassisted for at least half an hour with full use of both hands. People with vision in one eye are able to play.

For safety reasons anyone with the following impairment/medical conditions are not able to play:

  • Epilepsy and similar seizure disorders
  • Deaf or severe hearing loss
  • Broken leg or arm
  • Wheelchair users

Our experiences are not recommended for anyone with the following impairment/medical conditions:

  • Heart condition
  • Highly pregnant

Every part of the system is designed to give you an immersive experience without any of the motion sickness typically associated with virtual reality systems.

Since changing our headsets in November 2016, 0.02% of our players have pulled out due to motion sickness.

Our VR headset do fit regular size glasses. However we recommend wearing contact lenses for the best experience.

A session at Zero Latency starts by a quick check-in followed by a briefing and the gearing up with the help of our Game Master. This will be followed by the VR experience that you have booked. During this experience you will be in full immersion for 30 minutes.
Your entire experience at ZERO LATENCY will last approximately 1 hour.