All of your questions answered

A maximum of 8 players. Our experience does not support any additional players. For larger groups, you will need to book back-to-back sessions.

Every part of the system is designed to give you an immersive experience without any of the motion sickness typically associated with virtual reality systems.

Since changing our headsets in November 2016, 0.02% of our players have pulled out due to motion sickness.

The minimum age is between 10 and 13 years old depending on the game and the sensitivity of each. Zombie type games are reserved for people over 13 years old. Our other games can be played from 10 years old.

Our experiences will allow you to move freely in a tennis court size room. You’re walking in the game as you’re walking in real life.

No it is not mandatory. You can come to the venue to book your experience. Nevertheless, we highly recommend to book your experience online as you might not find any available session if you do not book in advance.

Our experience are all exclusively made by or for Zero Latency network. You will therefore only be able to play them at one of our many Zero Latency venues worldwide!

How to prepare

Just be on time! Don’t hesitate to arrive earlier and take a drink┬áand enjoy our free to use baby-foot in our lobby!

We will do our best for you to have the best experience. Nevertheless, a late arrival can cause the shortening or the cancellation of your session.

Yes. Our briefing room are locked during your session. You can leave all you belongings there. It will be safe.

Yes. There is a large area in the lobby for your family to wait if they don’t play.

Our VR headset do fit regular size glasses. However we recommend wearing contact lenses for the best experience.


Some of our experiences can be played as from 10 years old.

Unfortunately not. You will need to be able to walk around, unassisted for at least half an hour with full use of both hands.

You can participate even if pregnant. We will take extra care of you during the session. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend to avoid our experiences during your 3rd trimester. There is a very slight risk of falling or being hit by another participant.

We use over ears headphones for the sound. If your hearing aids are compatible with this kind of headphones, it should work.

Bookings & Refunds
We propose different versions of ZL Pass. Read our page ZL Pass to learn more about it.
We sure do! Have a look at our Gift Card page.

To use your gift card or your ZL Pass, introduce the code you received in the e-mail during the checkout.

Please have a look into your SPAM folder.
If you still don’t find anything, please contact us on info@zerolatency.be

A booking can be rescheduled until 3 days before the session date. You can refer to our Terms & Policy page

You did not find your answer? Please contact us at info@zerolatency.be !


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